Dear Customers,

As the Froods family, all our products are certified to comply with organic farming and
production standards, and they are produced without additional sugar, additives, chemicals,
or preservatives. With the confidence derived from our production process and our
understanding of ‘from seed to product,’ we are delighted to serve you.
Our factory ensures hands-free production from start to finish, and each product undergoes
individual inspection and approval. However, products may be exposed to external factors
during transportation, shipping, or distribution in stores. To minimize this issue in your future
purchases, you can follow these steps:
Do not purchase products with leaking or swollen cap buttons.
Check for any leakage or odor in the bottle.
Since our bottles are made of glass, they may experience impacts in stores. Check for
cracks in the bottle due to impacts in the store.
If you believe there is an issue with the purchased product, you can send clear photos of the
product’s numbers on the cap, the bottle, and any problematic parts of the bottle/cap via
email to & or as a direct message to Afterward, you can visit the store where you made the purchase,
along with the receipt, to process the return of the damaged product.
Your health and the world we live in are valuable to us. We gather all kinds of wishes,
requests, suggestions, and problems from you in our Froods product development pool to
better serve you. We appreciate your detailed feedback, understanding, and your choice of a
healthy lifestyle.

With sincere regards,
Froods Team